Medical Service

Increasing the Variety and Production of Medicines

The Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory is conducting a brisk campaign to produce new medicines contributing to promoting public health.

In particular, the factory focuses its efforts on developing and producing a larger variety of quality Koryo medicines in keeping with the reality in which the users of Koryo medicines increase in number and demand better Koryo medicines. 

To this end, it actively inquires into advanced methods for improving the efficacy of Koryo medicines and intensifies research into new Koryo medicines with a wider scope of usage.

As a result, it has achieved progress in developing about ten kinds of medicines including Lagenaria siceraria tablet for hepatitis, gliber anti-diabetic capsule and Trichosanthes kirilowii anti-cancer coated tablet.

In addition, it steadily increases the production of household and over-the-counter medicines through mass technical innovation campaigns.