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Chronic Renal Disorders Treated with Automatic Peritoneal Dialysis

The renal internal medicine department of Clinical Faculty No. 1 at Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences has developed automatic peritoneal dialysis method that suits the conditions of the country.

Chronic renal disorders are considered in the world to be diseases of high morbidity and mortality together with cardiovascular diseases, cancer and metabolic disorders.

Kim Song Hui and other teachers at the department have developed an effective automatic peritoneal dialysis method which removes surplus moisture, electrolyte and waste products accumulated in the human body through the expulsion of dialysis fluid automatically injected into the peritoneum. This method is advantageous in that it requires lower cost than hemodialysis or renal transplantation which are main treatment methods for chronic renal diseases because it uses home-made automatic peritoneal dialysis device and dialysis fluid. 

The automatic peritoneal dialysis gives hope for life to the patients with chronic renal diseases.