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Safe and Effective Anaesthetizing Method Developed

Medical workers at the general operation theatre of the Breast Tumour Institute of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital have developed a method for general anaesthesia combining various medicines with chest paravertebral blocking, which is effective in surgery for breast cancer.   

Han Yong Ju, chief of the theatre, played the leading role in developing the method.  

The shortcomings of the previous methods for general, local and regional anaesthesia made him try to develop safer and more effective ones. For example, the methods for local and regional anaesthesia had insufficient anaesthetic effect and could not fully remove the anxiety of the patient under operation.  

After years of research he confirmed that chest paravertebral blocking is a safe and effective anaesthetic method which ensures anodynia during and after operation on the chest for breast cancer and other diseases and helps the recovery of the patient. He also came to the conclusion that a combination of general anaesthesia with chest paravertebral blocking not only shortens the time for operation and reduces the amount of medicines to be used, but also ensures sufficient sedation and anodynia during and after operation and minimizes the occurrence of complication.

His findings were proved effective through many clinical experiments and practices. 

Now this method is widely used in the gynecological sector across the country.