Medical Service

With High Surgical Skills

Hyon Kuk Hae, a doctor at the gynecological department No. 3 of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, is called a man with natural flair for surgery by his colleagues.  

Since he was appointed to the Kim Man Yu Hospital as a surgeon after graduating from Phyongsong Medical College, he has made it an invariable rule to master related surgical methods before performing a surgery.

After he was transferred to the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital in Juche 87 (1998), he invented and applied new surgical methods for gynecological diseases and various kinds of abdominal diseases through continuous thinking and inquiry, and repeated practice.  

In particular, he improved the effect of treatment by confidently performing operation on cases who had received laparotomy several times. Also he skillfully coped with difficult situations occurring during operation on gynecological diseases of various types. 

In this course, he has acquired broad and profound knowledge about not only his specialized field but also related fields and high surgical skills. For the past more than 40 years he has cured about 10 000 patients including emergency gynecological cases and presented scores of papers on his clinical experience and surgical examples to publications of medical sciences, greatly contributing to the development of the country’s surgery.  

Though he is now 70 years old, he still performs operation.