Medical Service

Pharmacy with Environment for Advanced Medical Service

As the construction of general pharmacies is briskly under way in a bid to improve the quality of medical service, the Moranbong District General Pharmacy became the first to open as the standard pharmacy.

The two-storey pharmacy is equipped with showcases where medicines are on display by kind and by usage, boards that give information on the services it offers, and indications and contraindications of medicines, medical refrigerators, cabinets containing about 250 kinds of traditional Koryo medicinal materials, robots for medical services and sanitary area. All these and other elements in the pharmacy are laid out in such a way as to be in conformity with hygienic requirements and provide convenience to the visitors.   

As it has established a system of ensuring its real-time contact with the district hospital and dong clinics, relevant treatment and prevention institutions connected to it can promptly and accurately receive medicines necessary for the treatment of emergency cases. 

In addition, it has built a database for managing the health of the residents in the district, which contains their addresses and details of their health conditions, so that they can receive necessary medicines any time. 

The pharmacy offers various types of medical services besides medicine supply. 

It also has automatic machine which decocts Koryo medicines according to their formulas, as well as modern diagnosing devices which can conduct simple tests.    

It opens all day round.