Medical Service

Top Inventor in the Sector of Public Health

Dr. Kim In Chol, CEO of Pyongyang Medical Appliances Technology Company, is one of the top inventors for the year 2023 designated by the state.

In the past he played a leading role in producing delivery observation device, a prerequisite device for accurate and timely assessing the health condition of the parturient and the foetus and developing and manufacturing various medical appliances.

Undaunted by scores of failure, he united the researchers as one and led their research work to establish the general system of the delivery observation device, make optimum design of real-time display and analysis system, develop programs and design and manufacture various kinds of molds. Through such persistent efforts, he succeeded in developing an advanced delivery observation device.

In addition, he developed small-sized mobile radiograph and radiography testing program and applied them to more than a hundred medical organs across the country. And he invented portable electromagnetic pneumothorax apparatus, portable aspirator and various other kinds of excellent medical appliances conducive to the promotion of people’s health and treatment and prevention of diseases by his own efforts and technology. 

He has made 10-odd valuable inventions so far since Juche 107 (2018). In Juche 111 (2022), he was awarded the title of Merited Technician.