Medical Service

By Combining Koryo and Modern Medicine

The medical workers at the department of Koryo medicine of the Taesong District Hospital are famous for their high sense of responsibility for their work. They make a scientific diagnosis of their patients and, based on this, define methods for treating patients in detail.

Not long ago, a woman living in Ryongbuk-dong, Taesong District, was hospitalized for lumbar myalgia and paralyzed legs. Based on the examination of the patient and their clinical experience, the medical workers of the department decided to combine traditional Koryo medicine with modern medicine. While department chief An Myong Chol and doctor Kim Chol Jin applied acupuncture and hand massage, respectively, they combined modern medicine like antibiotics. Thanks to their effort, she recovered. 

When she left the hospital after 30-odd days, she shed tears of gratitude, overwhelmed by the sincerity of the medical workers for her rather than pleasure to be cured.

A high sense of responsibility is unthinkable separated from a high level of practical ability. Busy as they were giving medical services, the medical workers of the department studied Koryo therapies and made strenuous efforts to apply them in clinical practice in combination with modern medicine. In the course of this, they developed many treatment methods including the one that combines the major acupuncture points of the human body with the points in radial vein corresponding to the aching part. Department chief An Myong Chol invented a biological resonance treatment device for improving effect of treatment and doctor Pak Song Ryong developed a precision acupuncture point detector, thereby ensuring accuracy in finding acupuncture points. Their experiences and treatment devices were appreciated at several exhibitions and festivals.

An Myong Chol said that even high skills can prove effective in treating patients when they are combined with sincere devotion with which to treat the patients like one’s own family members.