Medical Service

By Improving the Quality of Medical Service

The gynecological tumour research section of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital is steadily improving the quality of medical service. 

By intensifying research aimed at perfecting an advanced method for curing gynecological tumour, it has established a new method. 

Carcinoma of ovaries is an obstinate disease whose mortality is the highest of all gynecological diseases. In addition, it is a disease which doctors are reluctant to deal with as its surgery requires high skills and reveals low effectiveness. 

Section chief Ri Chang Ryong strived for several years to establish a method suited to the constitutional characteristics of the Korean women while studying the global development trend in the treatment of the disease. By pooling wisdom and efforts with the collective, he established the stages of surgical treatment aimed at minimizing the size of cancer, excision of decreased cancer tissue and subsequent treatment for preventing recurrence in a systematic way and found a scientific method for treating carcinoma of ovaries.

And he perfected new methods for treating cancer of cervix and vagina and other kinds of gynecological tumour in succession. He also compiled many reference books like Common Knowledge on Carcinoma of Ovaries and Chemical Therapy for Cancer, thus contributing to the development of the study of gynecological tumour.

The section proactively uses telemedicine system in their medical service.