Medical Service

Focusing on Developing New Medicines

The Medical Biology Institute of the Academy of Medical Science developed for the first time in the DPRK the recombinant hirudin injection which is efficacious for treating and preventing cardiovascular systemic diseases.

Doctor Tong Jong Hye, a section chief of the institute, Yun Song Jin and Ri U Bom, researchers at the institute, sensitively responded to the world trend of development of medicines and set a goal of making this kind of medicine.

They succeeded in obtaining recombinant hirudin strain from leech after a long painstaking research. But what was more important was to cultivate the bacterial strain massively and establish a process for separating and purifying it.

They introduced a new method, not an existing one, in their research. Finally, they succeeded and produced the injection after fully verifying its effect in long clinical practice.

As it is efficacious not only for cardiovascular systemic diseases but also for preventing blood curdling during surgery, angiography and angioplasty, the injection was registered as a cutting-edge product. Since its development, it has cured many obstinate cases.

O Myong Hwa, an old person living in Tokchon, South Phyongan Province, was cured of acute brain embolism by help of the injection.

Hwang Thae Hwan, an old man in Kusong, North Phyongan Province, was also cured of logoplegia and hemiplegia.

This is a mere example of many successes the researchers have achieved. 

Having set a higher goal, they are now focusing on developing other medicines.