Medical Service

New Production Line Installed

A modern production line has been put into commission at the Jongju Preventive Medicine Factory.

Always concerned to consolidate the foundations of the country’s anti-epidemic work and public health sector, the Workers’ Party of Korea solved all the problems arising in upgrading the production processes of the factory.

Officials of the Ministry of Public Health and North Phyongan Province, mindful of the importance of the building of the new production line of preventive medicines, fully demonstrated the trait of unconditionally, thoroughly and correctly implementing the Party’s decisions. In doing so, they intensified guidance over the project and took relevant measures for its successful completion.   

Meanwhile, the employees proactively introduced rational work methods and adhered strictly to the technical regulations in installing equipment. 

The new production line made it possible to produce efficacious preventive medicines by advanced methods and contribute to protecting the lives and health of the people and developing the country’s public health sector.