Medical Service

Though the Factory Is Small

The Mangyongdae Koryo Medicine Factory of Honoured Disabled Soldiers in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, is not a large factory with a small number of employees, most of whom are disabled soldiers. However, its products are highly popular among its users for their efficacy.

According to Ro In Nam, an officer at the factory, many of its products were highly appreciated at the National Sci-tech Presentation and Exhibition of the Epidemic Prevention and Public Health Sectors-2022 held in Juche 111 (2022).

About 20 items of its products including Angunguhwanghwan, Sipjondaebohwan, Ryukmihwan, Yulmuchangchulgo tonic jelly and magnoliavine fruit syrup enjoy daily-increasing popularity among users.

A man in Phyongchon District in Pyongyang said: I used to suffer acute rise and fall of blood pressure and headache following a slight mental or physical fatigue. But these symptoms have been relieved and I feel invigorated since I started to use Angunguhwanghwan produced by the Mangyongdae Koryo Medicine Factory of Honoured Disabled Soldiers.

Now the factory is paying an all-out effort to developing Koryo medicines efficacious for inflammatory and viral diseases in close cooperation with research institutions.