Medical Service

Authority on Cervical Spondylosis

Kim Jin Il, deputy director for technical affairs of the South Hamgyong Provincial Koryo Medicine Hospital, is famous for his expertise in spinal diseases.

He is very proficient in diagnosing and treating spinal diseases, cervical spondylosis in particular. 

Since scores of years earlier, he had tried hard to find a new method for curing cervical spondylosis with chiropractic therapy which does not use medicines. 

The main point in his study was to find the dislocated corpus vertebrae and bring it back to its normal position and thereby restore the circulation in vertebral artery.

Through his strenuous thinking, studies and rich experience, he finally established a method for treating cervical spondylosis by readjusting the spinal column and cured many cases with this method.

Many of those who have been treated by him call him an authority on cervical spondylosis. 

Up to now he has worked as a Koryo therapist for more than 30 years.