Medical Service

Magical Hands

Chon Yong I is a doctor at the rehabilitation department of the Taedonggang District Hospital. Whoever has received her medical treatment would say she is a doctor with magical hands.

Her forte is rehabilitation treatment.

She has restored many patients with obstinate diseases including one with panplegia, children limping with serious sacroiliac articulation subluxation and cases with herniated disks. 

She can give a correct diagnosis after mere touches of the case’s spinal column.

To do this, she paid so much effort—learning from her father, a renowned pediatric doctor, delving into special cases and burning the midnight oil reading old books. 

Busy as she was treating patients, she invented a prosthetic appliance for spinal column and authored many medical books including Foods and Therapy.

The prosthetic appliance for spinal column she had invented was highly appreciated at the National Sci-tech Presentation and Exhibition of the Epidemic Prevention and Public Health Sectors-2022 held two years ago.