Medical Service

Heroine of the Success Story

Several years before, the Sosong Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory produced less than 30 kinds of products. 

Today the number has doubled, partly with the inclusion of health foods, and it is now leading its counterparts in Pyongyang.

Manager Paek Won Suk is the heroine of this success story.

Upon being appointed to the current post in early May Juche 111 (2022), Paek buckled down to raising the quality of medicines.

Her plan was to secure enough supply of medicinal herbs by building a base for cultivating them, streamline the existing production lines and upgrade equipment needed for putting production on a scientific and industrial basis.

This won the employees’ full support. Though being an all-women factory, it completed the modernization of the production lines in a little more than a year.

It also made efforts to increase the variety of products and improve their quality.

Among its high-profile products are such patented medicines as anti-hepatitis Silymarin and Artemisia messerschmidtiana dragée, and Polemonium racemosum and gypsophila antitussive pills, earthworm capsules for blood cleansing, Baikal skullcap and aralia shoots anticancer pills.