Medical Service

“Master of Medicinal Herbs”

The Phyongchon Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory is noted as one of the leading factories in the pharmaceutical industry for its quality products of various kinds. 

The factory owes its reputation to Manager Mun Sun Ok. 

Employees of the factory call her “master of medicinal herbs” as she has acquired an expert knowledge of medicinal herbs through 40-odd years of study and experience.

She knows many things about medicinal herbs like the back of her hand–where they occur, which is the best season for picking them up, what their species are, etc. When it is optimal for gathering them, she goes here and there, even to places that are a long distance away.  Also, she introduced several innovative schemes to raise the quality and extraction rate in processing raw materials, for example, installing a temperature and humidity display in a drying room to avoid medicinal elements being lost during the drying process, and upgrading such equipment as a mill and an extracting-thickening machine.

Furthermore, she directed due concern to improving the qualifications of the factory’s technical personnel, relying on them to develop new products and update packages and label designs.

In the course of this, the factory has reached the GMP standard in manufacturing process and its current product ranges include more than a hundred kinds of Koryo medicines and health foods–anti-hepatitis Baikal skullcap and dandelion dragée, magnoliavine antitussive trituration, syrup of gutta-percha and Kumgang medical stone for stabilizing blood pressure, dandelion and gromwell seed tea and fermented bean powder. 

Though in her 70s, the manager is still working with devotion to meet the customers’ needs.