Medical Service

More Efforts to Scientific Management of Nutrition for Children

The Children’s Nutrition Research Institute under the Academy of Medical Science is intensifying research into scientific management of nutrition for children.

 The researchers at the institute have categorically divided the Guides of Nutritional Management of Children into those for nurseries, kindergartens, obstetrical and gynecological departments and family doctors, so that medical workers and nurses can scientifically manage the nutrition of children according to their ages.   

And they have studied hundreds of cases throughout the country including Pyongyang in order to find out the features of growth of children and the factors related to them, in the course of which they have assessed the state of growth of children aged six months to 17 years and built a data base necessary for taking measures for improving it. 

And they are updating the data of nutritional management of children in the national computer network on a regular basis to disseminate knowledge related with childcare among nurses and parents.

Now the researchers are striving to achieve successes that could make a substantial contribution to the promotion of the health of children.