Medical Service

Developing Effective Operation Methods

The medical workers at the limbs orthopedics department of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital have successfully developed highly effective operation methods.

Former operation methods they used to apply to the patients with problems in bones, joints, muscles and nerve tissues were disadvantageous in various aspects in that foreign materials had to be used in operation and ways of operation were complicated. 

Director Kim Kwon Yong and other medical workers of the department including Rim Chol Nam, Ri Myong Jin, Rim Kyong Nam and An Yon Gyong intensified their research to solve these problems and established new advanced operation methods. Among the methods are the operation for anterior and posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and radical operation using local curettage, liquid oxygen and bone cement for the benign tumor patients. 

These operation methods are highly appreciated as methods of great clinical significance as domestic materials are used in the operations and the shortcomings of the past operation methods could be overcome. 

And they perfected advanced suture methods and developed the operation method for knee joint treatment.

These methods are much favoured by patients as they give less physical burden and are efficacious and quick in recovery.