Medical Service

Broadening the Application Scope of Hand Therapy

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea there are many medical workers who are working hard to develop the traditional medicine. Kim Chol Jin, hand therapist at Koryo Medicine Department of the Taesong District Hospital, is one of them.   

Busy as he was with medical service, his basic duty, he studied traditional therapies so as to find out reasonable treatment methods that suit the constitution of individual patients. And he applied the traditional therapies to the clinical practice in combination with Western medicine, in the course of which he found his original ways of treating various diseases.

In general, the patients with stomach diseases take digestive medicines, and if the medicines do not work they get acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. 

He realized that the stomach diseases are related with the joints of vertebrae thoracicae and applied new treatment methods of adjusting the spinal column. In this way he cured many patients with stomach diseases including the one living in Ryomyong-dong, Taesong District. 

In addition he applied hand therapy to the treatment of herniated disk, thereby shortening the period of treatment which would take several months in the past.

In June he applied a new hand therapy he had established to relieve Ri Song Ok living in Ryonghung-dong No. 1, Taesong District, of her symptoms of nerve compression. She had had difficulties in moving because of paralysis of a leg. But she became able to walk alone in about 30 days after the start of his treatment.

Many other people recovered their health thanks to his high medical skill and devotion.