Medical Service

Though a Small Factory in a Remote Area

Situated in a mountainous region, Sinyang County Koryo Medicine Factory of Honoured Disabled Soldiers is a small medicine factory with only tens of employees. However, this factory has recently become well known across the country as it has produced many good medicines.  

In the past the officials and employees of the factory set the high goal of catching up with the advanced factories and have waged energetic work to attain it. 

They planted medicinal herbs in the surrounding mountains and learned modern science and technology. On the other hand they updated the equipment of the factory with their own efforts and realized GMP of the medicine production processes.

On the basis of this they gave priority to the improvement of the medicines and development of new medicines. 

Thanks to their efforts the efficacy of a number of medicines including Ryongsin-Pills, Ryukmi-Hwan, Samhyang and Bezoar Chongsim Pills, Celandine Solution against Athlete's Foot , Mint Tablets against Sore Throat, Civet Heart-saving Pills,  Silk-Tree Leaf and Hawthorn Cardiac Pills  has remarkably improved. 

The factory is making successes in its development of new efficacious medicines and in the production of good medicines including Insam and Amur Cork Antidiabetic Capsules, Aralia continentalis Antiarthritic Solution, and Clove Sedative Powder

The traditional medicines produced in the factory are very popular among their users.