Medical Service

By Applying Advanced Treatment Methods

Gynecology Department No. 1 of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital is making successes by widely applying advanced treatment methods. Director Ha Yong Jin, known as an authority on treatment and diagnosis by uterine neck, and other doctors like Rim Thae Hun, Ho Chang Hyok, Ra Hyon Nam and Choe Jong Im are all recognized as competent doctors of the hospital.  

They are trying hard to make the women enjoy more benefits of the socialist public health system. 

The department treats the women who are suffering from gynecological diseases like infertility by applying advanced operation methods including laparoscopic salpingoplasty and laparoscopic ovarian drilling.

In June Pak Un Gyong living in Taedongmun-dong, Central District, gave birth to a baby after receiving a laparoscopic surgery from the department. 

They have saved a patient with little hope of survival and cured many other women. They are now making redoubled efforts to defend the health and lives of women.