Medical Service

To Produce More Traditional Medicines

The Basic Koryo Medicine Institute of the Koryo Medicine General Hospital is trying to develop more traditional medicines. 

Last year alone the institute developed over ten traditional medicines efficacious for respiratory, digestive and circulatory diseases and applied them to clinical treatment. 

Amur Cork and Kudzu Root Cold Tablets which is good for relieving fever, pain and phlegm and Ginkgolide Injection for Brain and Heart which is good for ischemic apoplexy and ischemic heart disease were highly appreciated at the National Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Achievements of the Public Health Sector held last year. 

The researchers of the institute developed various traditional medicines effective for cancers and cardiovascular systemic diseases, too.

According to Director Ri Jong Gun, Insam and Korean Epimedium Anticancer Pills developed by Kim Chun Ok and Kim Hye Ryon are favoured by patients as they are efficacious for the treatment of cancers including hepatocarcinoma and stomach cancer.   

Other researchers including Mun Sang Mi have made progress in their research work to develop health foods like Buck Wheat and Green Bean Tablets which is good for human immune system and chronic diseases.

Over the recent years the institute has developed dozens of efficacious traditional medicines and health foods, thereby making a great contribution to the promotion and protection of the people’s health.