Medical Service

Master of Liver Diseases Treatment

Liver Department of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital is famous for its efficacy in medical treatment and scientific research.  

The department has cured many patients who were suffering from serious liver diseases. It has also made many successes in developing good medicines and operation devices with domestic materials. 

These successes are unthinkable apart from the efforts of department chief Chae Pyong Chol, doctor and associate professor. He has developed good medicines for liver disorders. 

Having set it as the goal of his work to develop the medicines suited to the physical constitution of the Koreans with the medicinal herbs found in the country, he developed Milk Thistle Dragees against Hepatitis and Artemisia messerschmidtiana Essential Oil Injection against Hepatitis. These medicines are now widely used in treating liver disorders. Recently he has developed Insam Capsules against Hepatitis, which is effective for chronic hepatitis, by pooling wisdom with other members of the department.

He succeeded in developing esophageal varix ligation and effecting the domestic production of a device essential for the ligation in cooperation with a department of the hospital.

In this course all the members of the department have won academic degrees and titles.

The department is now developing the advanced diagnosing and treatment methods for hepatopathy one after another. 

All the patients who have been cured by this department say that Chae Pyong Chol is indeed a master of liver disorders.