Medical Service

With Kindred Affection

The medical workers at the Limb Surgery Department of the Ministry of Railways Hospital have cured many serious cases with a high sense of responsibility and kindred affection for the patients.

One day in March this year a worker of the Ministry of Railways was rushed to the department.

The patient was in a coma and attacked by serious convulsive seizure and respiratory insufficiency scores of times a day.  

At a consultation of the doctors of the hospital following an in-house consultation, Pak Sun Chol, deputy head of the hospital in charge of technical affairs, said, “The patient is in a very serious condition with all of his life indices low. But we must save him at all costs.” Then he worked out the plan for his treatment.  

An intense campaign was launched under his guidance. Internal and surgical treatments were applied. The medical workers of the department held repeated consultations and took measures to cure him.

Thanks to the kindred affection of the hospital’s medical workers including Choe Kwang Il, head of the department, Kim Hak Jun and Kim Jong Ryong, doctors in charge of the patient, and Rim Un Phyong, nurse in charge of him, the patient regained consciousness after about 20 days, and fully recovered and left the hospital after 40 days.

Leaving the hospital, the patient said in a tearful voice, “The doctors and nurses of the hospital looked after me with all sincerity. They are my own kith and kin.”