Medical Service

Development and Production of Anticancer Drugs and Their Adjuvants

The Saemaul Chemist’s organically combines research, production and marketing of anticancer drugs and their adjuvants. Its products are prepared with the medicinal herbs, which grow in the country, as the main materials.

Medicines such as Bufonis secretion and Sophorae radix anticancer injection, oxymatrine injection, Sophorae radix and berberine anticancer injection and others are popular for their efficacy in preventing and treating malignant tumours.

Nam Hyang Min, director of the business, said that the oxymatrine injection is prepared by separating oxymatrine from Sophorae radix, a medicinal herb, and refining it with modern technology, and is widely used for preventing and treating malignant tumours as its selective and molecule targeting action is quite good.

Besides, other anticancer drugs and their adjuvants like Bufonis secretion and Sophorae radix injection are efficacious as they suit the Koreans’ constitutional characteristics. The medicines won national sci-tech invention and patent certificates.

The medicines produced in the chemist’s with the GMP-qualified production process are sold in pharmacies across the country.