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Curing Metabolic Diseases by Applying New Traditional Therapy

The metabolism research section of the Koryo Medicine General Hospital has studied and established a new traditional therapy, achieving a remarkable success in curing metabolic diseases. What is noteworthy is a newly-developed therapy which helps obese people reduce their weights while eating all what they want.

In curing obesity, it is common to apply dietary and exercise therapies, but they have weak points, being tortuous for the patients and not so effective.

Having discovered through treatment of several years that proper application of medicinal herbs, abundant in the country, could be effective in curing obesity, the researchers intensified their study, thus developing Baikal skullcap tablet and other efficacious Koryo medicines.

Without any dietary cure and exercise therapies, these medicines remarkably reduce body weight and thickness of subcutaneous fat, and are much more effective than medicines and methods which were used in the past; they also regulate metabolism and alleviate such complications as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver that are caused by weight loss and obesity.

Those, who recovered their health after receiving treatment with those medicines, say: The Koryo medicines and electric needle therapy completely cured obesity and complications. It is very wonderful.

The researchers are now studying how to apply the medicines and therapy to treating metabolic syndrome.