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Active Natural Composite Mineral Developed

Mineral and vitamin deficiency lowers physical resistance to external environment by lowering physiological functions, and weakens the abilities for autotherapy, causing various malignant epidemic diseases and other diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer. In particular, human living activities are next to impossible in the case of extreme mineral deficiency.

Therefore, people say that the 21st century is a century of minerals whereas the 20th century was a century of vitamins.

Associate Professor and Doctor Ri Yong Un, researcher at the Clinical Research Institute under Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, developed an active natural composite mineral.

Prepared with six physiological active nutritional matters and eight ores, it contains more than 70 kinds of mineral elements. As an ideal health food of the present “century of minerals,” it improves the physical strength, relieves fatigue, promotes the growth of children and strengthens the physiological functions of the immune system and digestive, circulatory and respiratory organs. It is also widely used in making rice, bread and other heat-processed foods and in processing vegetables for its distinctive food-modifying functions.

It was highly appreciated in several exhibitions including the Third National Exhibition for the Education Sector.