Medical Service

For the People in the Neighbourhood

People living in Tongsin-dong No. 3, Tongdaewon District, Pyongyang, call the assistants of the Tongsin branch pharmacy of the Tongdaewon District medical supplies management station our assistants.

The pharmacy assistants devote their sincerity to the welfare of the people in the neighbourhood, including war veterans and honoured disabled ex-soldiers.

They not only supply medicines based on prescriptions but also grasp patients in cooperation with the clinic in the neighbourhood and brings medicines to them.

They also regularly visit war veterans and honoured disabled ex-soldiers at their home and learn whether they run out of medicines and what medicines they need.

Kim Il Rok living in People’s Neighbourhood Unit No. 62, Tongsin-dong No. 3 says: Shop assistants regard it as their duty to sell goods. But the assistants of the pharmacy do all they can for the people living in our neighbourhood. Their laudable deeds are moving.

They are still finding what they can do for the people.