Medical Service

Stepping Up the Development and Production of Koryo Medicines

The Huichon Koryo Medicine Factory produces a large amount of highly-efficacious Koryo medicines.

A factory with a history of dozens of years, it has produced Koryo medicines by making use of medicinal herbs abundant in the local area, thus making contribution to the improvement of the people’s health. Having succeeded in making Koryo medicines from extracts and renovated the production lines to be suited to the GMP standard, the factory set it as the main goal of their business activities to develop new products with high efficacy, and strove to this end. 

The factory channelled its efforts into raising the efficacy of Koryo medicines like Flower Extract Abelmoschus and Baikal Skullcap and Japanese Angelica Tree Anticancer Tablets, and developing more kinds of Koryo medicines that are efficacious for certain seasons, ages, genders and constitutions. Korean Epimedium Extract, hawthorn extract, Extract of Artemisia messerschmidtiana, Kudzu extract and other products of the factory are popular. Nourishing solution made from Abelmoschus flower, Codonopsis pilosula Tonic Toffee, Great Burdock Antiviral Solution are particularly favoured by the people.

Now the factory is giving impetus to achieving a higher target in the development and production of Koryo medicines.