Medical Service

For the Health and Lives of Children

Paediatric Department No. 1 of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital is famous for the high level of abilities and sincere devotion of its medical workers.

One day a boy named Kang Jong Ryong, who was just over two years old, was rushed to the hospital from Haeun-dong No. 1, Phyongchon District. He had slipped into a coma after fits of convulsions with high fever due to acute diarrhea.

He was immediately carried to a resuscitation unit.

After comforting his parents, Ri Kon, department chief, Kim Un Gyong, doctor in charge of the boy, and other paediatricians held an urgent consultation and then buckled down to treating him. First-aid and expensive medicines were administered to him and the medical workers closely watched him on his bedside.

Thanks to their devotion, the boy finally recovered consciousness. But the doctors did not content themselves with this. They held consultations involving other competent doctors of the hospital and took necessary measures in advance for curing him. Their devotion was not an expression of mere sense of duty but of kindred affection.

A dozen days later the boy fully recovered and left the hospital. His mother Han Su Hyang said in tears: “My son’s bright and healthy face is a reflection of the beautiful appearance of the great garden of love for human beings.”