Medical Service

Big Stride in Orthodontics

Up until most recently, devices of various forms for strengthening anchorage     have been used in orthodontics the world over. But they were inefficient as they all wore out to a certain extent, and some of them lacked cooperation with the patient. This led to the development of an orthodontic method of using micro-implant.

But this method was monopolized by five countries. Medical workers of the Ryugyong Dental Hospital set the goal of developing micro-implant of a cutting-edge level. Pae Jae Son, a section chief, and other medical workers of his section succeeded in manufacturing micro-implant by using titan and CNC technology, and applied it to orthodontic treatment. The double-headed bolt of the micro-implant designed to accept coil spring and rubber chain ring causes no wear of anchorage and needs no cooperation of the patient. It also made it relatively easy to deal with obstinate orthodontic cases.

The section is now making arrangements to apply this superior method to clinical practice across the country. It is treating the orphans of Pyongyang Baby Home, Pyongyang Orphanage and Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans on a preferential basis.

Jong Un Ju, 32-year-old teacher at Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans, said: “The orphans received orthodontic treatment free of charge. I am really grateful to the benevolent socialist state which puts forward children as the king of the country, and to the medical workers who devote their all to them in support of the policy of the state.”