Medical Service

New Looks of the Thaechon County Hospital

The Thaechon County Hospital in North Phyongan Province has recently been renovated. Equipped with modern equipment, telemedicine room and excellent operations rooms like a provincial general hospital, it is achieving successes in treating patients.

Now the medical workers of the hospital are striving to improve their technical and clinical qualifications and apply advanced treatment methods.

Its gynaecology department can successfully perform such complicated surgeries that were thought to be conducted in provincial hospitals, and treat various gynaecological diseases like hemorrhage and mastopathy with ordinary medicines. And the surgical department has cured many serious patients like a person with  three-degree burns on over 30% of his body by proactively applying new  anesthetic and treatment methods.      

The departments of internal treatment, psychiatry and Koryo therapy and other departments also have gained successes in their treatment. Now many people from other areas, to say nothing of the residents of the county, come to this hospital.