Medical Service

Kanggye Koryo Medicine Processing Factory

The Kanggye Koryo Medicine Processing Factory is in the city of Kanggye, Jagang Province. 

This factory with a history of tens of years has produced traditional medicines by using medicinal herbs abundant in the local area, thus contributing to promoting the local people’s health.

The factory, which had already put production of medicine essences on a scientific and IT footing long time ago, has constantly conducted the work for further consolidating its material and technical foundations as required by the developing reality. In recent years the factory renovated its appearance and further raised the level of scientification and modernization of production. Having made the production lines germ-free and dust-free, from the input of raw materials to packaging products, it is now striving to produce various kinds of efficacious medicines in larger amounts.

It has also achieved successes in developing medicines. It is now producing essences of Korean epimedium, essence of fruit of Crataegus fructus, thorny ginseng, wormwood and water dropwort, and the medicines, which were made with them and accord with the GMP standards, are favoured by the people.

Having set a higher goal, the factory is accelerating the production of medicines.