Medical Service

Best Medicine—Devotion

Some time ago a four-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital at the Jaeryong Mine in North Hwanghae Province. He was in a serious condition with 2~3 degree burns over 48% of his body and no consciousness. The medical workers of the hospital hesitated for a while because the patient’s vital signs were approaching to the limited points. There was no guarantee for recovering such a severe case in that small hospital.

But they decided to take charge of curing him. They thought that if they devoted their sincerity regarding him as their son, they could save him. While trying to find treatment methods of causing the patient least physical exhaustion and hastening the treatment period, they applied effective treatment methods. In particular, nurses were very busy and under heavy physical exhaustion because the patient was very young. But they put heart and soul into his treatment, providing him with nutritious foods and toys. The child overcame crucial moments and finally recovered. 

In this way the medical workers of this hospital showed in practice that warm affection and devotion for patients could make a flower bloom even on a rock even though their conditions were crucial and there was little possibility to revive them.