Medical Service

Research Institute Playing a Big Role in Developing the Public Health Work of the Country

The Public Health Management Institute under the Ministry of Public Health, founded in October Juche 51 (1962), is situated in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang. The consultative organ of the ministry studies public health management science, draws up project plans for the development of the country’s public health work and makes an academic cooperation in the public health management work.

Consisting of several research rooms like those for hospital management and sanitary disinfection, the institute has conducted research work for developing and introducing into medical practice theories and methods of public health management in keeping with the developing reality, presenting those for developing the section doctor system, improving the management of hospitals, standardizing hygiene and anti-epidemic institutes, improving management of medicines, developing telemedicine service and others.

The institute also deliberates the sci-tech problems arising in the national public health management sector and propagates the relevant achievements and experiences in this sector. Researchers at the institute also work as teachers at the medical schools in the country and give refresher courses for public health administration officials and doctors in charge of a certain number of households

As a primary medical service cooperation centre of the World Health Organization, it gives wide publicity to the good experiences of the country, which are achieved in the course of developing the section doctor system, and conducts exchanges and cooperation with other countries.