Medical Service

Cancer Expert

In recent years Dr. Choe Il Song, head of a section of the Tumour Institute of the Medical Academy, succeeded in inventing a new method of using radionuclide, drawing the attention of the academic circles of the world. 

He selected a new nuclide suitable for the treatment of cancer and used it for cancer treatment. He made a seed with fibroin extracted from cocoons to replace the metal seed, thereby broadening the scope of the application of treatment of cancer. 

He said: “The advantages of the new treatment method by radionuclide fibroin seed have been confirmed through clinical trials.” 

Many news agencies of the world introduced his method and requested him to send videos of the method to them. 

And many foreign medical workers are actively trying to introduce his method and experience in the treatment of malignant tumors.

This method, which has proved effective in treating malignant tumour of the mouth, chin and face, is giving a new hope to the patients with incurable diseases. Research is now being intensified to apply the method in the treatment of tumor of other parts of body. 

Choe Jong Sun, who was treated by Dr. Choe, said when she left the hospital: “When I was diagnosed as having uterine cervix cancer, I almost gave up my life. But I was cured of cancer thanks to the medical skill and devotion of his medical team.”