Medical Service

Sincerity Devoted to an Old Man

Recently, Ri Yong Su, teacher and associate professor at the Koryo medicine department of medicine faculty of Pyongyang College of Medical Sciences, cured Kim Hyok Chol, a 72-year-old man living in Tongsong-dong, Central District, Pyongyang, of gonarthromeningitis which had been regarded as an incurable disease.

When the old man almost gave up hope two years ago, Ri said to him: “Your disease can be fully cured by means of Koryo therapy. As the saying goes, treatment requires medicine and patient’s strong will. Your treatment depends on how you make up your mind.” Ri’s major was acupuncture and massage. Actually, there had never been an example of curing aged people like Kim of the disease by means of acupuncture and massage. However, he, propelled by a sense of his duty and self-consciousness of being a cultivator of human life, undertook the treatment without hesitation. Having decided on an effective treatment scheme through hard thinking and research, he devoted all his efforts to the treatment. Finally his devotion bore fruit: the patient could walk without any support in two months. 

Later, Ri Yong Su treated him with all his sincerity, even foregoing holidays, and finally fully cured him.

Until now he has cured many cases with similar symptoms. He is not only a doctor but also a stern teacher to his students.