Medical Service

With a High Sense of Responsibility for the People’s Health

“Examination of food and medicines is a very important process which is directly connected with the people’s lives and health”—this is the principle and style of work of the officials of the Food and Medicine Inspection Institute under the Ministry of Public Health including Ri Yong Son, a vice-director. 

The institute conducts brisk activities to improve the safety and efficacy of food and medicines. Consisting of medicine examination office, biological products examination office and safety test office, the institute has established the system of guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of products and put the examination methods on a modern and scientific footing. 

And it constantly updates examination means and methods as required by the times when the demand for medicines including disinfectants is increasing because of the global public health crisis and new medicines and health foods are being developed. They also established the IR search system and the method of separating and measuring effective ingredients by HPLC. In addition, they developed a method of testing medicine safety and invented standard products such as Cucur-bitacin B, making it possible to guarantee the quality of medicines on a scientific basis.

Along with this, the institute conducts the work of improving the employees’ level and abilities in a planned way, so as to ensure the promptness, scientific accuracy and objectivity of examination.