Medical Service

Jangsu Koryo Medicines Factory

Located in Pothonggang District in Pyongyang, the Jangsu Koryo Medicines Factory was established in December Juche 60 (1971). At the time of inauguration, the factory’s production was limited to processing raw materials of Koryo medicines into syrups, pills and powders.

But it has now developed into a famous factory which produces Koryo medicine extracts with modern and scientific production lines. Its typical products are Samhyang and Bezoar Chongsim Pills, Ginkgo Leaf Antiarteriosclerotic Tablets, Silymarin Coated Tablets and Ryukmi-Hwan.  As they are based mainly on the raw materials abundant in the country and suited to the constitutional features of Koreans, the medicines produced by the factory are very popular among users.

The factory’s products have won prizes at several spring and autumn international trade fairs and were registered as high-quality products of the national level. The factory is now intensifying research work to produce a larger amount of new Koryo medicines.