Medical Service

“Our Doctors”

Family doctors in Kwangbok Polyclinic in Mangyongdae District work with a high sense of responsibility.

While helping the people under their charge to prevent themselves from contracting diseases, they see to it that they receive treatment on time. They treat patients at the clinic in the morning and they make rounds of families under their charge in the afternoon, checking if there is any new patient among them and how the chronic patients are and conducting the information activities related to hygienic work.

Recently, Ji Un Ok, doctor of the clinic, found a serious case during her rounds of  Kwangbok-dong No. 1 which was under her charge. She promptly gave the person first-aid treatment and took him to hospital. She stayed all night in the hospital waiting for the result of the operation on him. After the operation, she took good care of him for early recovery. 

Medical workers of the clinic treat residents under their charge as they do their own kith and kin. An Chol Jin and Ri Hye Ryon have treated an honoured disabled soldier living in Konguk-dong for several years. Their devotion gave courage and hope not only to the ex-soldier who was in a desperate situation because of paraplegia but also to his wife and child.

The doctors have not only health examination cards for patients but also notebooks which contain the details of their treatment and treatment plans for residents under their charge. The notebooks reflect their high sense of responsibility and sincerity.

The residents affectionately call the doctors of the clinic our doctors.