Medical Service

Encouraging the Use of Koryo Medicine

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the public health sector is improving the quality of medical service by developing traditional Koryo medicine and combining it with modern medicine. In particular, the treatment and prevention institutions at the lowest level such as clinics and ri hospitals which are in direct responsibility for the health of the residents under their charge are raising the rate of Koryo medicine.

Ryomyong Polyclinic in Taesong District is well-known for its excellent treatment.

The family doctors extensively use devices of Koryo medicine in the treatment of their patients. In recent years, they have cured many patients, whose treatment had been considered to be difficult at clinics, by combining cupping, moxibustion and other Koryo treatment methods by modern methods. A typical example is Ho Man Bok, a resident in People’s Neighborhood Unit No. 50, Ryomyong-dong, who had been bedridden due to the aftereffect of cerebral thrombosis.

Choe Pok Sil, head of the polyclinic, said, “Koryo medicine created and developed by our ancestors has many advantages in its treatment methods and effectiveness. If it is combined properly with modern medical methods, it can hasten the recovery of patients. Our polyclinic is making efforts to further perfect medical treatment methods to suit the Koreans’ living conditions, habits and constitutional characteristics based on herbs abundant in our country and Koryo treatment methods.