Medical Service

“Concern” of Doctors

 As treatment and prevention institutions which are the closest to the residents, clinics are playing an important role in protecting their health.

The Kinmaul Polyclinic in Moranbong District is one of them. 

The doctors of the polyclinic are busy all the time treating patients at the clinic, sending the serious cases in need of special treatment to the district hospital in time and conducting medical checkup and information work in the residential quarters under their charge on a regular basis.  

Every day they visit the residents of the area under their charge, check whether there is any case with fever or abnormal symptoms and take immediate measures. 

And they conduct brisk hygienic information work about the knowledge and prevention methods of COVID-19 which has been causing a worldwide disaster, monkeypox and other malignant diseases and make exact demands on the residents to strictly abide by the anti-epidemic rules.

They also do their best to improve the quality of the medical service. In particular, they regularly organize in-house consultations on treating elderly citizens, pregnant women, prolific mothers and chronic patients.

Kim Kyong Hui, director of the clinic, said. 

“We are always concerned about the residents: Is there anyone who has been sick during the night? What will be a better method to cure the chronic patients? I think this concern comes from the attitude of regarding the residents as their own parents and siblings before their duty as doctors.”