Medical Service

Increasing the Rate of Koryo Medicine

The Phyongchon District Hospital is increasing the rate of Koryo Medicine.

It is encouraging all its departments to organically apply Koryo medicine to the clinical practice in cooperation with the Koryo medicine department. This helps them to increase the effect of their treatment.

It is paying close attention to ensuring that the weekly study session serves as an important occasion for making all the medical workers understand the principles and features of the traditional medicine in accordance with individual diseases. Meanwhile, it is encouraging the doctors of the Koryo medicine department to actively participate in the clinical practice of other departments so as to give substantial assistance to their treatment of patients. 

The proactive application of Koryo medicine to the treatment of the diseases which would depend entirely on modern medical treatment in the past, to say nothing of the spinal disease and knee arthritis, has increased the treatment effect and rate of recovery and decreased the treatment period.  

The hospital has also developed devices like a musical low-frequency treatment device, a hypertension treatment device, a low-frequency medication-used treatment device, etc.