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Paeksan Tea Full of the Aroma of Natural Forest

Nowadays Paeksan tea, a health drink, is becoming more popular.

From olden times it has been used for antidote as it is highly efficacious in successfully removing poison and waste materials caused by several reasons and even gives beauty and youth.

It contains several amino acids like ursolic acid, ledol, arbutin and ubanol, as well as vitamins and minerals. It gives deep national flavour and mysterious effect.

The leaves of the tea are picked in winter from the tea tree growing on the rocks of Mt Sollyong in Yonsa County, North Hamgyong Province. Its processing method was patented by the DPRK and custom of drinking it was inscribed as an element of national intangible cultural heritage.

Tea lovers call it Paeksal (a hundred year) tea in the sense that it enables them to live to be 100 years old.