Medical Service

Dynamic Activities of Medical Workers

In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the public health and anti-epidemic workers are dynamically undertaking medical activities to keep the stable anti-epidemic situation as required by the top emergency anti-epidemic system.

According to the data synthesized by a relevant agency, those who are mobilized across the country for intensive medical checkup and examination, treatment campaign and hygienic information activities add up to hundreds of thousands every day. They include family doctors, medical workers of hospitals at all levels, teachers and students of the training institutes of medical workers, staff of each unit who are responsible for hygiene.

A great number of family doctors throughout the country are conducting medical checkup and examination in a responsible manner, keeping the fever cases on medical monitoring and taking proactive measures for their treatment.

The medical workers of the central, provincial, municipal and county-level hospitals are making a circuit of all the areas and households under their charge to carefully observe the characteristics of the fever cases and to apply scientific treatment methods and tactics as required by the treatment guide.

The central medical team composed of the specialists from Kim Il Sung University, Kim Man Yu Hospital, the Academy of Medicine and other relevant units have been dispatched to undertake treatment work and PCR tests and to develop more optimum treatment plans.

Pharmacy workers and specialists who have been deployed in medicine supply centres and stations to be newly established in each province are taking appropriate measures for the patients.

Through telemedicine system, the medical workers of central hospitals are holding consultations on demand with those from local hospitals with regards to diagnosis and treatment of the patients with abnormal symptoms and rendering active assistance in close contact with them.

Students of the training institutes of medical workers are developing themselves professionally and cultivating the traits of a public health worker through practical struggle.