Medical Service

Treatment Methods and Tactics Steadily Adjusted and Perfected

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea intensifies its effort to steadily adjust and perfect the COVID-19 treatment methods and tactics to cope with the anti-epidemic crisis.

In response to the situation in which new variants of coronavirus keep occurring and spreading on a global scale, the national anti-epidemic sector takes practical measures while making scientific estimates of the trend in the spread of the malicious infection. It conducts the work of thoroughly identifying the fever cases and taking measures for them in a substantial manner and improves the scientific level of the antibody test method.

The treatment research group is composed of officials and specialists of the State Commission of Science and Technology, Kim Il Sung University, Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, the Academy of Medicine, the Central Hygienic and Anti-epidemic Centre, Biological Engineering Branch of the State Academy of Sciences and other relevant sectors. The group is conducting a research to carefully analyze the experiences gained so far in the treatment of the infectious disease and to confirm the current period of treatment and standards of recovery indices.

The public health sector is pushing forward with its effort to study the latent period, clinical symptoms, response to drugs, rate of serious cases, lapse of the disease and other epidemiological and clinical characteristics of the fever cases and recovered ones on a national scale and to steadily adjust and perfect the stage-by-stage treatment plans suited to age, occupation, physical constitution and chronic disease of the fever cases.

And on the basis of the profound analysis of the successes achieved and experience gained in the anti-epidemic work of several other countries and domestic treatment experience, it continues to adjust and supplement the treatment methods and tactics with the detailed, diversified and scientific ones suited to age and physical constitutions of the people.

In the course of this, optimum, scientific and effective methods of drug administration have been developed, and the progress is being made in the treatment.