Medical Service

Ri Clinics Being Turned into Hospitals

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea pushes ahead with the work to turn ri clinics in provinces into hospitals.

The purpose of this work is to remove the distinctions between rural and urban areas in the field of public health by increasing the level of medical service for the farmers to that of the town residents. 

The Ministry of Public Health and other relevant units including power organs in provinces, cities and counties are involved in this work. 

The Ministry of Public Health leads provinces to buckle down to the work of training medical workers and obtaining medicines and medical equipment and apparatuses. 

Provinces accelerate the work of laying material foundations for turning ri clinics into hospitals in close contact with the relevant units of the sector of public health. 

If ri clinics are turned into hospitals, they can take care of the health of the residents of the relevant areas in time and patients of various diseases can receive medical treatment without having to go to big hospitals.