Medical Service

Kindred Feeling and Devotion

Kim Su Jong living in Misan-dong No 2 in Taesong District gave a birth to a baby in the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital in May.

But before she felt the happiness and pleasure of having become a mother, she had a severe hemorrhage. Instant measures were taken, but to little avail. In this case, the recovering rate had been low and the only way was to transfuse to the patient blood drawn a moment before.

On hearing about her, many medical workers came to the transfusion room to donate their blood, and this was reminiscent of the deeds of the health workers of the Chollima era in the 1960s. Doctors, midwives and nurses of Obstetrical Department No. 5 of the hospital turned out to save her life. There is a saying that a man’s real worth is revealed in difficult times. 

At last the blood permeated with warm love saved her.

Thanks to kindred feeling and sincere devotion, she recovered her health and hugged her baby in her bosom.