Medical Service

With Kindred Feeling

Some time ago medical workers of the Thongchon County People’s Hospital in Kangwon Province saved two seriously-burnt patients–Kang Ok Gyong, a nurse at a ri clinic, and Ri Kwon Song, a 2-year-old boy.

When they were taken to the hospital, the nurse had third- to fourth-degree burns on 36 percent of her body, and the boy second- to third-degree burns on 42 percent of his body. At the outset the medical workers were at a loss what to do with them. But they braced themselves up and buckled down to treatment with the attitude that if they devoted their medical skills and sincerity they could surely save the patients.

The doctors in charge of them sat at their bedsides by turns, carefully observing their conditions, and explored and introduced many new treatment methods, and the nurses looked after them with kindred feeling.

During four rounds of skin grafting operation, over 120 medical officials of the county donated patches of their skin to the patients.

During their scores of days in the hospital, Kang Ok Gyong and Ri Kwon Song felt keenly that they were with people who loved them as their own flesh and blood.