Medical Service

Producing More Medical Supplies and Equipment

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea pays heed to increasing the production of medicines and medical appliances that are badly needed for containing the spread of the epidemic quickly.

The Pyongyang Pharmaceutical Factory and Sunchon Pharmaceutical Factory are accelerating the production of medicines such as antifebriles and antibiotics.

The sector of producing Koryo medicine is striving to increase production to the maximum. Mindful of the fact that their products are directly related with the people’s lives, the workers at the Moranbong Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory produced  medicines in several days nearly as much as they had produced in a month previously, thus contributing to the treatment of persons with fever in the district. The Huichon City Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Factory has also produced a large amount of Koryo medicines such as phaedoksan and uhwangchongsimhwan in a short period of time.

Meanwhile, factories in the sector of medical appliances industry including the Nampho Medical Appliances Factory and Myohyangsan Medical Appliances Factory have turned out to produce more medical appliances.