Medical Service

Even in Remote Mountain Villages and Far-flung Islands

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea strives to further improve the quality of the telemedicine service and expand the scope of its application.

The Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital has developed and introduced programs necessary for operating the telemedicine system so that the treatment and prevention institutions in all the regions can make request s for logging in any time. Many units ask the hospital everyday to help them in diagnosing and treatment.

Over the past several months the hospital has held online consultation hundreds of times, in the course of which it has helped to bring back to good health patients in remote mountain villages in Kim Hyong Jik and Taehongdan counties in Ryanggang Province and Onsong County in North Hamgyong Province. The people who live in far-flung islands also receive telemedicine service, keeping constant contact with competent doctors of national-level hospitals.

The telemedicine system provides local medical workers with good conditions for improving their qualifications. In the course of online discussions, they gain a lot of knowledge and experience, and they also have a technical learning session every week through the system.

With a view to reducing the differences between the national-level and regional hospitals in medical service level, the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital has ensured that heads of its departments and higher officials give lectures and many regional medical workers attend technical transfer sessions through the telemedicine system. As a result, even medical workers in remote mountain villages and far-flung island are improving their technical and practical qualifications through the system.